The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor? – 2

47 million year old fossilised remains

The most complete fossil proimate ever found

A missing link to the origins of man?

47 million years ago, the dinosaurs were already long extinct, the early mammals established themselves, the tropical rain forest covering the earth created a home for small primates, amongst them the ancestor of all of us.


Scientists searching for our early ancestors in East Africa. 


In 1970, scientists found the link between the ape and humans, a distant female ancestor called Lucy, proving that humans started walking up-right some 3.2 million years ago

In 1984, the skeleton of a boy was found, providing proof that 1.5 million years ago, humans lost their hair and take their first step on to the ground of the earth.


Scientist hoped to find more earlier mammal fossils on earth, to confirm the link between the ape and men.



Then in December 2006, in a fossil fair in Hambury, Germany.


we found Ida, a young female fossils which can explain the evolution of humans, a link between the lemur, the ape and ourselves.

The fossil is 96 percent complete and did cost over one million dollars.


A scientific examination using X rays confirmed that the fossil was genuine and showed detailed internal structure, including bone marrow.


The common feature we share with all primates is that we have four fingers with nails, not claws, and an opposable thumb, Ida shares this feature with us.



………………. to be continued.


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