The Link: Uncovering Our Earliest Ancestor? – 3

By studying the fossil’s Teeth


Dr. Holly Smith, a dental anthropologist, studying the teeth of fossils can establish the fossil’s age, what it ate and how it relates to the other primates. 


Dr. Jens Lorenz Franzen, a renowned fossil expert, can’t wait to discover this unique fossil, which has a complete skeleton, complete soft body outlines and the complete gut content!



Prof. Philip Gingerich, he spends his whole life searching for the link between earlier and modern mammals.


Starting analysis:



They could not find the willy’s bone, so they know it is a female.


Now, here comes the question, where does she come from?

The way her delicate body was preserved gave the clue. The body was cast into a polyester resin and scientists know that there is only place in the world where this technique is used, and that is Germany, the Messel Pit, there is no other place in the world like this.


All the fossils found here, are complete and unique, not in little pieces

This is a fossil rabbit


This is a fossil snake

this is a fossil reptile

This is a fossil crocodile

this is a fossil bird

this is a fossil fog


this is a fossil big ant

this is a fossil bat



The technique of preserving the fossil in plastic:


then, we can study the fossil, bone by bone.


Some 50 million years ago, the Messel Pit was a volcano that explode and filled with muddy water lacking oxygen, that’s where little Ida drank, fell in and perished!



………………  to be continued.


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