The Toyota Mirai, Fuel Cell Vehicle, is not our future car! 豐田"未來",燃料電池車, 不是我們的未來!

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The Toyota Prius is a lemon that environmentally conscious people are prepared to live with in order to minimise pollution. The Prius has an engine power of 73 kW plus a battery bank. To put this into perspective, a family car like the VW Golf R has an engine power of 206 kW

The Toyota Mirai (Japanese for “future) has a hydrogen fuel cell with a power output of 9 kW and the same battery bank as the Prius. So one could say the Mirai is an 8 times greater lemon than the Prius.

9 kW is probably sufficient power to keep the batteries fully charged in a Tokyo traffic jam with more charging time available on red traffic lights than driving time, but don’t take the Mirai for a spin in a hilly country side with a full load of people on board, the batteries will be empty in no time and 9 kW of fuel cell power does not get you over, even the most gentlest of, hill slopes.

It is obvious that the Mirai is just designed as a gimmick for the 2020 Olympics with the driving routes well defined and within the physical limits of the vehicle. I am also sure that Toyota has already space allocated in the local scrapyards to take all the Mirai’s after the closing ceremony of the 2020 Olympics is over.

The web site claims that the Mirai will store 5 kg of hydrogen in two bottles at a pressure of 100 bar. Hydrogen has a density of 0.09 g/l, so 5 kg of the compressed hydrogen would take the space of 5000 g / 0.09 g/l / 100 bar = 555 l. Scaling the fuel tanks size from the picture below, my best estimate is that they will hold a volume of about 100 l, that is about one fifth of what Toyota claims. This maybe ok for the transportations required at the Olympics and who cares how much hydrogen they can hold in the scrapyard.


豐田Prius(油電混合動力車)是一個檸檬(即買了回家, 才知道是爛貨). 只是一些有環保意識的人準備與它一起生活,以減少污染。Prius 發動機的動力加上電池組才擁有73千瓦。 給大家一個相關的比照: 一個家庭的汽車,如福斯高爾夫R擁有206千瓦的發動機功率.

豐田Mirai(日語為“未來")是用氫燃料電池和Prius相同的電池組, 其輸出功率為9千瓦。因此,可以說 Mirai 比 Prius 是一個8倍更爛的檸檬。

9千瓦大概是足夠的動力來保持電池完全充電,如果你開在交通堵塞的東京, 特別如果加上交通燈常紅的話(道理很易理解吧, 當車不開動的時候, 動力肯定就用去充電的了).  但千萬不要拿 Mirai 載滿人去郊外兜風,該電池肯定好快是空的. 9千瓦的燃料電池動力, 什麼樣也不可能會載你跨越甚至是爬上最不斜的小山坡。

很明顯,Mirai 只是為2020年奧運會設計出來的噱頭. 依據了奧運會範圍內固定的駕駛路線來設計並推它至物理極限。我肯肯定,當2020年奧運會閉幕儀式後, 豐田預留的廢料堆放場空間將用來放置他們的 Mirai。

豐田網站聲稱,Mirai 將存儲5千克氫在兩個瓶子,在100巴的壓力下。氫具有0.09克/公升的密度,所以5公斤壓縮氫氣將需要5000克/ 0.09克/升/ 100 巴 = 555公升的空間。從下面的圖片我依照油箱大小比例去計算了一下, 車上最多只有持有約100公升的容積,即大約五分之一的豐田在網頁中聲稱(555 l)。100公升的容積可能就是為了迎合在奧運會運輸所需吧. 可是又有誰在乎它的氫容積持有多少呢, 反正奧運結束後, Mirai就要堆入廢料場!


Toyota Mirai


No, the Mirai is not the car of the future, neither is any other fuel cell powered car. For some further reading on fuel cell cars see



不,Mirai 絕對不是汽車的未來,甚至其他任何的燃料電池動力汽車也沒可能是。
有興趣知多一些有關燃料電池汽車, 請至:

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