pygmy leaf chameleon 矮葉變色龍 / bearded leaf chameleon 鬍子葉變色龍

Referring to the top 10 cute animals – earth unplugged

Now, I would love to have a look on the no. 7 cute animal – the pygmy leaf chameleon that Ms. Maddle mentioned on her above video:



Rieppeleon brevicaudatus, commonly known as the bearded leaf chameleon or bearded pygmy chameleon, is a chameleon originating from the eastern Usambara and Uluguru Mountains in northeastern Tanzania. It is easily distinguished from others in the Rieppeleon genus by the presence of a "beard" below the mouth, consisting of a few raised scales. At a full grown length of only 3 in (8 cm), it is marked by somewhat drab coloring in comparison to other chameleons, usually assuming a brown or tan coloring. It is quite capable of changing its coloration, though, often taking on a shade to blend into the background and becoming darker when under stress. It is also capable of compressing its body laterally and producing a stripe down its side, mimicking a dead leaf. It often assumes this form when sleeping in the open. It can adopt a variety of colors, including yellow, green, orange, black, and brown. A common misconception is that these chameleons use their color-changing abilities as camouflage, but they actually use their color-changing skin to court and show stress or emotion. Males are distinguished by a longer tail, more prominent dorsal crest, slimmer body type, and persistent patterning. Like others in the Chamaeleonidae family, it is distinguished by independently rotating eye sockets and a tongue longer than its body.



1.因為下巴有條鬍鬚, 所以叫 bearded leaf chameleon.

2. 長大成人後, 最長也不過是3寸. 

3. 受情緒影響, 顏色可轉成:  咖啡色, 黃色, 綠色, 橙色, 黑色等等, 通常受到壓力, 憤怒就會將皮膚變成黑色.  最接近背景顏色.  然而最常變成枯葉色還會加上葉脈的圖樣.

4. 眼窝可單獨轉動, 舌長比身體更長.




Rieppeleon brevicaudatus shooting – slow motion


Further more:


Family: Chamaeleonidae
Binomial Name: Rhampholeon brevicaudatus
Distribution: Usambara, Uluguru Mountains of Tanzania
Diet: Small insects
These are small-sized reaching 3 inches in length. They are mostly tan or brown colored. It usually changes into colors that help blend them into their environment. However, when they are stressed or angry, they change into a dark color. They resemble a dry leaf and often adopt this look, while sleeping in the open. As per their emotion, they can change their color into green, orange, black and brown. A Pygmy chameleon has a tongue longer than its body which allows it to catch smaller insects. They have eyes that can move independently and scan their environment.

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