Clown fish 小丑魚

Referring to the top 10 cute animals – earth unplugged



For the number 10, The Snow Leopard, I did write a blog as following:


Now, I would love to have a look on the others cute animals that Ms. Maddle mentioned on her above video:


No. 9  Clown fish 小丑魚


Clownfish.300a   Clown Fish


Symbiosis describes the special relationship between clownfish and sea anemones. They are the only fish that do not get stung by the tentacles of the sea anemone. Clownfish have a slimy mucus covering that protects them from the sea anemone. However, if this covering is wiped off of a clownfish, it will get stung and possibly be killed when it returns home to the anemone. The clownfish and the sea anemone help each other survive in the ocean. The clownfish, while being provided with food, cleans away fish and algae leftovers from the anemone. In addition, the sea anemones are given better water circulation because the clownfish fan their fins while swimming about.


1. 原來小丑魚不怕海葵刺牠, 是因為牠皮膚上有層 slimy mucus ( slimy – a little bit thicker then water, 有點像狗的口水般, 黏滑的, ) 黏滑的黏液 來保護牠不被刺傷. 如果一旦失去, 就會被海葵刺傷毒死.

2.  就如大家都知道的是, 小丑魚和海葵是互惠生存在海洋裡,  小丑魚是食 海葵食剩下的小魚, 蝦, 蟹和水藻, 而海葵因小丑魚在身邊游來游去, 而帶來海水流通所帶來的更多的氧氣和食物而受惠.






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