Natural Mysteries – Killer Whale Attack




上星期五看了在ABC的 Natural Mysteries – Killer Whale Attack.  不是以上那兩個片段, 因為在YOUTUBE 找不到, 只找到相同的紀錄片, 大家都是紀錄了 同一件事件,  在 Monterey Bay, California Killer Whales attack Grey Whales and her baby. 

影片是講述那一天, 兩隻出外看鯨的旅遊船, 由船上旅客說出看到殺人鯨如何有組織地, 兩team鯨, 一組做累了到另一組來襲擊灰鯨兩母子, 目的是分開兩母子後, 便可吞噬小鯨了. 因為母鯨對他們來說, 太大了,  可能要花更大的力量才可以食到它的舌(原來殺人鯨最喜歡食其他鯨魚的舌)

在以上BBC 片段中, DAVID 是用了電腦技術動畫講出殺人鯨如何組織行動. 

在ABC電視中, 專家講述了殺人鯨, 如何用頭踵擊小鯨, 對小鯨的肌肉和血管系統做成極大的損害而死.  而專家可以從他們的魚翅(突出海面的FIN)來分別出不同的殺人鯨. 原來魚翅是每隻殺人鯨都不一樣的.  而在行動中, 是有小殺人鯨在參與, 明顯大鯨在教小鯨.

在電視中, 灰母鯨不斷拼死也要保護幼鯨, 使到旅客自己的無能為力而心酸! 

以上另一片段講述了Killer Whales (屬小型鯨魚)襲擊 sperm whales, 原來在衆多大型鯨魚中, 只有 sperm whales 是有齒的, humpback, grey whale and right whale 都是沒齒的. 



sperm whales 更可潛入極深的海底去覓食超巨型墨魚giant squid, 但是不是每次的戰役都會得勝, 曾經就有動物學家發現sperm whales的表皮留下超巨型墨魚吸管所做成的損害, 而死在海岸.  


Whale sounds:


Humpbacks, Blue Whales, porpoises and dolphins are common sights in Monterey Bay, California. It is a protected nature reserve and a whale watchers’ paradise, but Disneyland it is not.
Killer Whale Attack revisits a shocking event that made national headlines and raises difficult questions as it attempts to unravel a dark mystery.
Mother’s Day 2004 and boat skipper, Heidi Tiura, shepherds her excited whale watching passengers aboard the boat, The Sanctuary. As they headed out into the bay, how were they to know they would shortly become reluctant witnesses to an unexpected and shocking scene of carnage – a heavyweight battle between 40 tonnes of maternal instinct and a highly organised gang of the world’s deadliest serial killers?
The whale watchers find a huge, 40 tonne Grey Whale and her calf locked in mortal combat with a super aggressive gang of smaller Orca (or Killer) Whales. Mammal fights mammal and the sea is turning into a bloodbath. Nature-loving families look on with horror as a titanic struggle unfolds before them. It was the day the sea turned red. But this was just the start of the killing.
The eyewitnesses are traumatised and as the shock waves from the Mother’s Day massacre continue to reverberate, local and national media pick up the story.
Reports of other attacks follow. While mystified scientists seek answers, many others wondered why this peaceful Californian bay had become a killing field.
An investigation into the gruesome attacks spreads wider to a chilling warning of global significance.


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