Pygmy Slow Loris:


續上篇 Tarsiers……….

在 Prosimians 下 的 Coquerel Sifakas ( Lemurs), Tarsiers  同Lorises 是我暫時覺得最可愛的, 所以要來紀錄一下:

Pygmy Slow Loris:

Key Facts

Adult Size : 0.8 – 1.0 pounds

Natural Range : Vietnam, Laos, and parts of Cambodia

Social life : Solitary nocturnal forager

Habitat : Secondary forests, formally in primary rainforests

Diet : Fruits, other vegetation, and occasional small mammals and birds

Lifespan : 20 years, observed in captivity

Sexual maturity : females 9 months, males 17 – 20 months

Mating : Once every 12 – 18 months

Gestation : 188 days

Number of young : 1 – 2 offspring every 1 – 1 ½ years

DLC Naming theme : Insect names (Grasshopper and Skimmer.)

Interesting Facts
  • Pygmy lorises sleep rolled up in a ball with their head between their legs.
  • Pygmy lorises often hang upside-down from branches by their feet so they can use both hands to eat.
  • The native habitat of pygmy lorises was devastated during the Vietnam War. They are the most endangered of the non-lemur prosimians.
  • Pygmy lorises are often sold in the markets in Vietnam.

The End. ……..


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