Coquerel sifaka

看完 The link : Uncovering the earliest our acestor,  使我對Lemur 發生勁大興趣,  上網看了一下資料. 

我們的 Evolution tree 原來是這樣的:



在 Prosimians 下 的 Coquerel Sifakas ( Lemurs), Tarsiers  同Lorises 是我暫時覺得最可愛的, 所以要來紀錄一下:

Coquerel Sifakas ( Lemurs) :





Key Facts

Adult Size : 7.3 – 9.9 pounds

Social life : Sociable, small family groups of 3 – 10 animals of varying ages

Habitat : northwestern dry deciduous forest

Diet : young leaves, flowers, fruit, bark and dead wood in the wet season, mature leaves and buds in the dry season

Lifespan : 25 – 30 years

Sexual maturity : 2 – 3 years

Mating : very seasonal, January – February in the wild

Gestation : approximately 162 days, infants are born between June and July in the wild

Number of young : one per year

DLC Naming theme : Roman Emperors (Julian, Marcella, Nigel, etc.)

Malagasy names : Tsibahaka, Sifaka, Ankomba Malandy

Interesting Facts

  • The Malagasy name ‘sifaka’ comes from the distinct call this animal makes: "shif – auk".
  • The DLC houses the only breeding colony of Coquerel’s sifaka.
  • Our very own Jovian, a young male Coquerel’s sifaka, is the star of the children’s television show, Zoboomafoo.’s_Sifaka


to be continued………………………………


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