The son of god

The son of God :

How many follower he has!


The name of the son of god is Michael, he said that God called him to have sex with that 14 & 16 years old little girls. Hahhahaaaa. Yes, how good to become the son of God than to be God!!! Because God doesn’t have a willy?? Hahahhahah!!!


Inside a Cult: Messiah on Trial

Reporter: National Geographic and Channel 4

Broadcast: 18/05/2009

Last year the program told the story of Michael Travesser, formerly Wayne Bent, who claims to be the son of God.

This week a gripping follow-up as filmmaker Ben Anthony documents the story of Wayne Bent’s prosecution on charges of underage sex. The charges are serious and could see him jailed for over thirty years.

Ben Anthony is there for every moment of the trial, talking to Wayne Bent, his followers and the people who once revered "their messiah" only to later denounce him.

His followers simply call him "Michael". His real name is Wayne Bent. He says he is "divine" and he led a group of people into an isolated part of New Mexico, in the United States, to prepare them for the end of the world.

Two years ago this new age messiah allowed filmmaker Ben Anthony access to his compound called "Strong City", and to speak to his followers. What Anthony documented shocked many viewers. Here was a man who wielded unfettered power over the people around him. Most of them had signed over their possessions to him. All offered utter obedience. But his demands were many. Using psychological manipulation Wayne Bent convinced the women in the group that they should sleep with him. Those men that objected were sent packing.

Intent on extending his influence, he then began a campaign to encourage the young girls in the group to come before him naked so they might fully know God. His actions began to concern some of the families involved. They also drew the attention of the local law enforcement agencies.

Last year Wayne Bent was tried for committing sex crimes against two of those girls. Once again filmaker Ben Anthony was there to record the proceedings and the results of his work are, "Inside a Cult: Messiah on Trial". Made with the assistance of the National Geographic Channel and Channel 4 it goes to air on Monday 18th May, at 8.30pm on ABC 1. It will be replayed on the 19th May at 11.35pm.


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