Eurovision Song Contest – Moscow 2009

So many great singers in Eurovision! I love really meaningful music! I don’t like nosiy music! I like it when they sing in their own language representing their own country!

my vote : The first prize
E.S.C. 2009. – Igor Cukrov feat Andrea – LIJEPA TENA (Croatia)

為什麼我選CROATIA 第1名. 是因為初初我只覺裡條仔, 懶媚!!! 跟著, 唉, 有些料, 應該是唱過Opera!!! 跟著那些和音也不錯. 跟著才跑出一位極靚音的美女. 整首歌就是勁!!!


其它, 兩首都非常好聽, 當然是因為天上下凡靚女, 各多加100分.

Second prize :

Eurovision 2009 * Estonia – Urban Symphony – Rändajad



Third prize :

Eurovision 2009 *Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir – Is it true (Eurovision 2009 Iceland)



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