About God

我還記得小學聖經上說, 神愛世人, 想起來, 如果真是有天主, 牠真是虛偽之極了!!!! 如果牠愛我們, 為什麼要給我們疾病? 為什麼有這麼多宗教戰???? 想, 父母親的愛, 沒有一位父母會子女亙相殘殺!! 沒有一位父母想兒女有病痛的!!!!!!!! 我總想不出一個理由去相信聖經!!!!


I can remember that the bible told me that god loves us all, when I was in primary school! If we really do have a god, he seems to be very hypocritical. We are all gods children, christians, muslims and jews and yet he seems to enjoy himself that we, his children, fight each other to death, and he does nothing, absolutely nothing about it. It seems to give him great pleasure to introduce more suffering to his children by introducing diseases, like aids and encouraging his children to kill each other. I really can’t find any reason to believe in this god or love this god.


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