Geoffrey Gurrumul-Yunupingu


從電視上”RockWiz” 看到的這位 Aboriginal singer(唱 From little things big things grow”, 我想起了另一位天才 Aboriginal singer, 他是盲人, 但他作的歌極為動聽, 完全不知道他唱什麼(因為他用土話唱), 但是旋律非常優美, 他是use left hand, and he can’t play the guitar in the begining.  As a child he learn to play it up side down,  and then finally he know how to play it better, and now he still play it up side down.

This is his story:


Djarimirri – Gurrumul Yunupingu

Bapa (HQ)


Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu performing at WOMADelaide 2009

Gurrumul History (I Was Born Blind)

Geoffrey Gurrumul’s concert with Elton John, 17 May 2008


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