Grace Kelly

昨晚, 看到了Grace Kelly, 她真是好靚!! 

原本要去睡, 才從書房出來, 看到她在電視! 咿! 咁鬼靚女, 便站著看了起來, 開始看時, 一直介紹她拍了什麼戲和得什麼獎!  我還在想她面形都幾方, 哎! 如果我早出世幾十年, 我都做到明星喇!

我老公也從書房跑出來, 一看, 他說Grace Kelly, 摩洛哥皇妃!!  哈! 我早出世幾十年, 豈不是皇紀都有得我做!!! 嘿!

Grace Kelly: Destiny Of A Princess

11:05pm Sunday, 12 Apr 2009  Documentary   Repeat CC G

Grace Kelly was at the height of her career when she decided to leave Hollywood to marry a prince, never to act again.

看完了, 還未夠, 還上網看了共5PART的 Grace Kelly Biography:

Edward 說 "High Noon" & "Rear Window" 一定要看!



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