Nuclear Nightmares

前些日子(4月5日)中午, 我看了一個電視的documentary, 有關很多年前核能源製造廠在蘇聯爆炸, 科學家一直估計這次核能的散播會死很多人.  科學家估計10年內附近居民應出現血癌,  20年後附近居民應出現任何的癌症.

但是, 到了現今, 附近居民竟沒患上任何癌症!  這次核能廠爆炸就了死了那49人, 那些去clean up 的人. 

而科學家在該區收集了WILD LIFE 動物, 竟然發現他們身上的副射很高, 但沒有一隻死亡,  動物對副射所帶來的損害竟比我們人類少,甚至沒什影響!!

科學家又研究, 在美國愈高的地區就愈高副射.  竟然癌症最多的地區不出現在高地, 而在低地近海線地域!  IRAN是全球副射最高的地方, 他們人民才是最健康少癌症的地區!  同時高山居民亦比平地居民健康!

雖然影片這樣記, 但是我仍是怕怕啊!

大家去看看啊, 很值得一看的:

Climate change is one of the major hot topics in politics today. Faced with potential global catastrophe, a controversial technology is back on the policy agenda – nuclear energy. But it’s taken as a given by most people – experts as well as lay people – that radiation is terribly bad for our health, and that an expansion of nuclear power would inevitably lead to thousands of deaths from cancer. But what is the truth? In the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, experts predicted thousands of deaths from cancer. Yet, when an authoritative report was published it found that 50 workers in the plant died from acute radiation sickness and so far only nine of those can be attributed to the accident. This documentary explores the possibility that it is our fear of radiation that is the problem. Are we fighting a technology which may be vital in the fight to save our civilization from the effects of global warming? (From the UK, in English and Russian, English subtitles) (Documentary) (Rpt) PG CC WS


共5節, 請點擊以下圖片去YOUTUBE收看:






































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