The Screbrenica Massacre III

在維基百科和國際法庭上, 說是種族滅絕:

如果你看了之前我的POST(the screbrenica Massacare ( 再跟以下網圖來比較, 你便可知道事實就是宗教排除!


我不管你基督教殺得較多Muslims, 還是Muslims殺得較多基督教, 2000多年來你們互相殘殺, 只是為了誰是真主!

也真攪鬼了,  In study of Bible history, Jews invented bible,in their bible, they said that son of the god will come soon and save the world!  And then year and year later, Chistians belived that they found the son of the god, he is Jesus. Unfortunately Jewish did not belived it.  Then they killed Juses.  Then Juses was killed, Christian not happy about that, so they killed Jews!!  They hated each other!

Then come another guy called Mohamed he invented another story, the Koran, his god is Allah, he is a lot better then the Christian Jesus.  Hahhah!!! Sure, this is the main cause start, Muslime hate Christian and Christian hate Muslime and killed eacher other!

The most interesting is that all the three evil religions have the same ancestor, they are all the children of Abraham, they all agree on that in their books and still see the need to contiunue to kill each other 2000 years later on the basis of a trivial, fictitional difference.

Their God is same God ar!!!!!!!!

我記得小時候, 讀聖經, 它說主7天創造了宇宙, 有4000年歷史, 但科學家發現宇宙己 14 billion years!!!


就最反感來說, 主創造了人類, 攪咪鬼, 你比人類有性, 但你不計夏娃同阿當去做呀! 跟住就話有罪, 降罪給世人!!!

跟著, 你創造了同性戀, 總比AID 去攪到有同性戀的人和不是同性戀和不是同性戀的人和不是同性戀的人和小孩都要受罰,  你玩哂喇!!!




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