Srebrenica, July 1995-2

Photo Gallery II

7. The refugees are evacuated as a group from the Potocari base.

8. A Serb officer outside the gates (top left) gestures
for the men to be separated from the women.


9. Men of all ages are marched away to the trucks.

A voice commands, "Follow him! Behind him! … No, no, you lot to the left … One by one."


10. Men are loaded onto the trucks.

11. Dutch Officer at Srebrenica.

"When I was standing there, and the men and the women were separated, I felt like a combination of Schindler’s List and Sophie’s Choice was passing in front of me. It was terrible to be aware of this and not be able to do something …"

12. The Warehouse.

Commentator: "Some of the men from the town were taken to a large agricultural warehouse.
A few of them survived."

13. A survivor of the massacre.

"The Serbs started shooting at us with everything they had, inside and outside the warehouse. People were dropping all over the place."

14. Aftermath of the warehouse massacre.


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