my views on a recent discussion panel at the ABC QANDA (questions and answers)

the first question raised referred to Kevin Rudd’s statement at the catholic churches youth day in Sydney, in which he said:

“Religion and Logic are not incompatible”

I was delighted by the response from David Marr, he said:

“ Religion and Logic are completely in-compatible; Religion is filled with logicalities that are impossible to square with any natural belief; I mean the catholic church has imported a dead body to be venerated in churches in Sydney ? —- what could be logical about that????”

furthermore I liked his response to a statement made by a religious member of the discussion panel Angela Shanahan about sexuality and the church;

David Marr :

“ the churches refusal to understand the scientific basis of human sexuality causes immense distress and harm all around the world;——– what would you say to a woman struggling to bring up her nine children in abject poverty, just because your god did not allow her to use a condom while she was repeatedly raped over the years?—– you people have no idea how unspeakably nasty and cruel you are towards your god’s creatures—– your lot tells people to be celibate and that they go to hell if they have sex, this is nothing but pure bigotry, cruelty and hatred ”

on the subject of **********ity and the suggestion by Angelica Shanahan that god loves all the people in the same way; David Marr replied that if that would be the case, he would let them also go into the church and take clergy positions; but such is your bigotry, you claim to love them and at the same time throw them out of the church;

further David Marr added: “the struggle between the church and science has always been won by science and will always be won by science, only logic will take us forward”

I agree with him entirely it took the church 300 years to accept that Galileo was right; whom they nearly burnt at the stake for his scientific work because it clashed with the totally illogical and stupid teaching of their perverse religion;

it seems inconceivable that even now, in the twenty-first century these criminals prevent some of our children to learn all about Darwin’s theory of evolution, in a vain attempt to prevent them to develop a logical mind; —- there should be a law against such criminal stupidity


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